Drug Rehab Treatment Program | Cooking as an Outlet to be Drug-free

Getting help or treatment for alcohol and drug abuse is a difficult step to take. Most alcohol & drug addicts are in denial that they have a problem or are afraid to accept the fact they have alcohol and drug issues. Intervention is one of the first steps to take if your loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse. Once a person committed themselves to treatment, they must continue to stay sober even after the therapy.

Relapse is very common and can happen to almost anyone after their treatment. This is why a patient recovering from alcohol and drug abuse must continue to get help outside of a facility. One way to help them stay away from drugs is to find a hobby where their body can also benefit like cooking delicious and healthy food.

Most treatment facilities encourage their patients to find a hobby to help get their minds off using alcohol. Some offer cooking classes so they can continue to learn how to cook even after their treatment. Dietitians help patients understand how food can help restore life’s balance and heal them from within.

People with substance use disorder tend to forget how to take care of themselves because they were too busy feeding their bodies with drugs. Their bodies are depleted, especially for those who have been using drugs for so long. One way to restore their bodies to their old form is through good food.

Good nutrition is one of the keys to recovery and knowing what food to avoid can help the healing and recovery process faster. Sometimes, even if people no longer use drugs, they tend to crave food that offers similar effects. Craving sweets, for instance, those who were previously addicted to opiate will reach out for candies, chocolates, and other sweets to give them the same feeling they get from alcohol and drugs.

This only proves that even after treatment and drugs have stopped, recovered drug users have a hard time improving their overall quality of life. If a recovered patient understands the significance of food, nutrition, and the importance of taking care of themselves they can heal fully and get their life back together.

When people abuse drugs, they tend to:

  • Skip meals or eat less nutritious food
  • Damage their gut, thus preventing the body to absorb nutrients from food
  • Vomit more resulting in loss of nutrients
  • Ingest less food

Food plays an important role in how the brain functions. If the chemicals are imbalanced or the body is incapable of producing neurotransmitters, you can be anxious or irritable. This can result in anxiety, food cravings, stress, depression, poor memory, and paranoia.

So, how can learning how to cook help you stay drug-free?

  1. It Gives You Something To Do

“An idle mind is the devil’s playground”. You’ve probably heard of that saying and it can be true for those who have a lot of idle time in their hands. Getting bored may be due to a lack of motivation or creativity. If a person has nothing to do at all times, this may lead to drug abuse.

Learning how to cook will keep your mind active and busy. It can help you get motivated to cook delicious food and be creative in serving them or in trying other styles of cooking.

  • A Productive Way to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

During behavior therapies, it was taught that patients need to learn how to manage stress and triggers productively and positively. Most people relapse because they have no other way to cope with anxiety and stress. Whenever you feel anxious or stressed out, you can always try to cook hearty meals for you and the whole family.

Learning to cook a new dish will not only keep you drug-free within a Houston alcohol rehab center but will also give you a sense of fulfillment and help boosts self-esteem.

  • Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet

If you learn how to cook, you will be able to feed your body more nutritious food. It can be the start of your healing and bringing your old body back in shape. Learning how to cook will give you more food options than relying on greasy fast foods which are unhealthy.

It’s also the beginning of self-care which is very important when recovering from drug abuse.

  • You’ll Learn How to Prepare Mood Enhancing Food

The food you eat can greatly affect your mood. If you are feeling depressed or lonely you can always cook up something to improve your mood. Examples of mood-enhancing foods are lean protein and whole grains. Be sure to stay away from french fries and donuts as they are considered mood-depressing foods. Being in a good mood will keep you away from alcohol and drugs.

Food can help you heal completely and learning to cook has a lot of benefits aside from staying alcohol and drug free. It will not only benefit yourself but also the whole family. Home-cooked food is always the best. Remember, good food equals a great mood.